Mid Infrared Optical Fibers

Products and R&D Projects

Selenoptics proposes  several standard Infrared fibers with light propagation in the 1.5 10 µm wavelength range : single mode or highlyNon linear fibers. Depending on your needs we can develop customized infrared fiber (Multimode fiber, the core diamter and Numercial Aperture can be adjusted, polarization maintaining, dispersion ...)


- Mid infrared fiber for Quantum Cascade Laser beam delivery:

                                - to build new optical systems

                                - to analyse chemical species


- Mid infrared fiber for NonLinear applications:

                                 - Supercontinuum generation

                                 - Brillouin Fiber Laser

                                 - Wavelength Conversion

About Us

SelenOptics is a spin off from Perfos, the R&D platform of Photonics Bretagne cluster, and  the Glasses and Ceramics group of the University of Rennes 1.


June 2019: Come and meet us at laser Munich B3 423/7-  June 24-27

Mars 2019:  All fibered 2- 10 µm mid IR supercontinuum

July 2017:  Broadband supercontinuum from 1 µm to 11 µm with 35 mW average power generated in a tapered fiber

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